Let Them Eat Candy!

Though candy buffets and dessert tables have always been quite lovely, it was the May 2010 issue of Brides magazine that really ignited my passion for a beautifully styled display of sweets.  The issue featured a photo shoot of three stunning dessert tables by Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events – one playful and retro, one exotic and Morocco-inspired, and one modern and bright.  I remember grabbing a pair of scissors immediately and meticulously slicing the pages out of the magazine to paste them into my huge Moleskine notebook (where I store all things wedding inspiration — despite my love of a nice digital inspiration board, I still do things the old-fashioned way, as well).

Since that fateful day, the dessert table trend has not only grown increasingly popular, it has also gotten better with age, and my love for these confectionary creations is at an all-time high!  From macarons to mini eclairs, from cake pops to cotton candy, there are so many fun choices for those who just aren’t into having a multi-tiered towering wedding cake (although, those can certainly be plenty lovely, as well).  Below, you’ll find a selection of some of my favorite dessert tables, including Amy Atlas’s adorable vintage display from that life-changing edition of Brides.  Click the images for a closer look!



  1. Cheers, I’ll definitely get the old hubby to have a mosey on over at this xxx

  2. Nice posts, I’ve read a few of yours so far and quite enjoyed them, will read a few others :p xxx

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